Đã bán

Type   Rigid protective roof
Operating weight   17,605 kg
Operating weight, max   21,420 kg
Drum width
  2,220 mm
Engine   DEUTZ, TCD 2012 L06 2V, 155 kW
Vibration frequency, front, I/II   27/37 Hz 
Amplitude, front, I/II   1,9/0,8 mm
Centrifugal force, front, I/II    246/144 kN 
Production year   2014
Country of Origin   Germany
Location   Da Nang
Download Brochure   3518-Catalog.pdf

Configuration and Optional equipment



Dashboard with displays, indicator lights and switches


Standard functions provide drum drive for hight ability

  Standard functions provide protective cover for dashboard 

New design of the Year Award (Deutsch Baumaschinentag Bauma 2001)

International Design of 2001 Reddot Award

International Design of IF Award 

Exclusive technology with 3-point articulation this allows optimum steering, excellent driving safety and maximum driving comfort   >Read more


1 additional filter for water and dregs removal.
1 filter for a better engine protection, which is suitable for fuel in Vietnam.


Rigid protective roof

  Safety and basic operating instruction, machine and engine spare-part catalogue
  1 set of 1000 hours filters for first year of usage
1 set of standard mechanic tool




New cabinet, being imported directly from factory in Germany
Air conditioner is equiped in Vietnam with standard quality and warranty


Compaction Meter (HCM), new 100%, imported directly from factory in Germany.

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