W 100

Product code TB00072
Serial no 09100187
Curb weight 15,000 kg 
Engine DEUTZ, TCD 2012 L06 2V
Engine power
155(208)2300 kW(HP)/rpm
Roto width
1,000 mm
Max cutting depth 300 mm
Year of Manufacture 2008
Country of origin Germany
Operating hours 4,741 h
TCM W-100.pdf
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Compact 1-m cold milling machine for efficient operation.

  • The manoeuvrable small milling machine is the ideal candidate for efficient milling operations in the one-metre class.
  • Its wide range of applications extends from surface course rehabilitation to the removal of pavements at full depth.
  • The proprietary LEVEL PRO levelling system ensures highly accurate milling results.
  • The rear loading conveyor offers wide slewing angles and maximum loading capacity.
  • The machine’s hydraulic all-wheel drive offers optimum traction in challenging site conditions.


The W 100 can optionally be equipped with the state-of-the-art LEVEL PRO system, a levelling system that will spark your enthusiasm immediately. An innovative and highly practical feature is that it permits up to three sen-sor signals to be displayed simultaneously. Set values can be pre-programmed individually for both sides of the machine, stored by pressing the memory button and then retrieved as and when required. Different sensors, such as the wire-rope sensor or slope sensor, can be selected or de-selected during the milling operation as required.


The W 100 offers great ease of operation, enabling high-ly productive work right from the start.

Clearly arranged controls enable the milling machine to be handled intuitively while the unambiguous symbols provide clarity and safety. All levers and switches have been designed with functionality in mind, and have been arranged in line with functional groups and fre-quency of operation


Whether working in upright or seated position: The ergonomic platform offers ample space and legroom, and enables the operator to conveniently see the milling edge at all times. A perfect view of the milling edge sets new standards in this machine class. The comfortable, adjustable driver’s seat can be moved both in the direc-tion of travel and out over the right side of the machine. Elastically supported treads minimize the impact of machine vibrations on the operator


Diameter roto mm 930
Working speed rpm 30
Travelling speed, max km/h 6
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 12085 x 2345 x 2650