Product no TB00083
Serial no GK00314
Engine MITSUBISHI, 6D22CT, 180 kW
Maximum lifting capacity 80 tons
Boom Lattice boom, 4 sections, 30.48m length
Maximum lifting height 28 m
Maximum boom length 29.5 m
Year of Manufacture 1993
Operating hours 26,454 h
Location Hanoi
TCM 7080.pdf


- Kobelco 7080 crawler crane is equipped with hydraulic system consisting of 3 piston pumps driven by Mitsubishi 6D22CT engine for powerful working capacity, load capacity of up to 80 tons, with long jibs for lifting cargo. Convenient and high productivity

- Mitsubishi 6D22CT engine of crawler crane kobelco 7080 has a capacity of 180.2 (241.7) / 2000 Kw / (HP) / rpm, boom, 4 sections, 30.48m long, the largest lifting capacity is 80,000kG, maximum reach 28m, maximum hook height 29,5m

Machine dimensions

Max. driving speed km/h 1.4
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 8370 x 3600 x 3400
Weight kg 75,000