Product no TB00092
Serial no WFN4RT8BELZ003950
Engine DEUTZ, BF8L513, 243 kW
Maximum lifting capacity 50 tons
Maximum lifting height (boom)
34 m
Maximum lifting height (boom + jib) 55.1 m
Year of Manufacture 1997
Operating hours 21,902 h
Location Dongnai
TCM RTF50-4.pdf
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- The latest powerful, fuel-efficient engines from Mercedes Benz BlueTec

- 4-pin hydraulic push, 2 telescopic boxes with controls on either side of the platform or from the cabin.

- Car cabin with 2 drivers is based on car width, spacious cabin. The two cabins are made from super hard composites, with safety glass and adjustable seat on hydraulic mattresses.

Machine dimensions

Total length: 12500 mm Tail swing: 3550 mm
Carrier length: 10160 mm Width: 2750 mm
Outer turning radius : 11700 mm Inner turning radius: 6300 mm
Turning radius boom head: 12500 mm Turning radius folding jib: - mm
Outrigger base: 8350 x 6800 mm Reduced outrigger base: - mm
Crawler track width: - mm Crawler plate width: - mm