Engine MITSUBISHI 6M60-TL, 200 kW
Maximum lifting capacity at 2.5 m 51 tons
Boom length 5 sections, 47m length
Maximum lifting height (boom) 34 m
Maximum lifting height (boom + jib)    50.6 m
Year of Manufacture 2016
Location Dongnai
TCM GR-500EXL.pdf
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- The latest powerful, fuel-efficient engines from Mercedes Benz BlueTec

- 4-pin hydraulic push, 2 telescopic boxes with controls on either side of the platform or from the cabin.

- Car cabin with 2 drivers is based on car width, spacious cabin. The two cabins are made from super hard composites, with safety glass and adjustable seat on hydraulic mattresses.

Machine dimensions

Max. carrying capacity at reach
51 t x 2,5 m Travel speed 48 km/h
Carrying capacity at max. reach 0.7 t x 34 m
Number of axles 2
Max. standard boom 42 m Standard tyres 505/95R25
Min. standard boom 11.1 m Engine manuf Mitsubishi
Max. luffing jib 12.7 m
Engine type 6M60
Engine power 11.1 m - 42 m Engine power 267 HP
7.5 l Revolutions at max torque 1400 rpm
No. of cylinders
6 Max. torque
785 Nm 
Cylinder bore x stroke
118 x 115 mm