Sản phẩm

SW 18 MC

Container Capactity 18 m3
Max. working wight 2,360 mm
Speed quantity at 2km/h 5 - 60 l/m2
Own weight 4,800 kg
Tải Brochure SW-18-mc-Catalog.pdf

Các đặc điểm nổi bật

  • A binding agent spreader with a 18 m³ container volume for accurate and high-performance spreading of binding agents in cold recycling and soil stabilisation operations.
  • The spreading unit consists of three separately controlled, self-cleaning rotary metering feeders.
  • An electronically controlled spread rate regulation enables the binding agents to be spread precisely.
  • The spreading data and operating modes of the spreader are always accessible via an operator terminal with a display in the carrier vehicle’s operator’s cabin.
  • The binding agent spreader can easily be used as a mobile built-up unit for carrier vehicles and can be driven from construction site to construction site.

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